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Why should you choose EjderGubre?

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Production of better quality products

We use the highest quality and healthiest raw materials in the production of organic and chemical fertilizers and use good formulations to provide the nutrients that plants need. The use of new technologies in fertilizer production increases production efficiency and guarantees the quality of our products.

Detailed analysis

The fertilizers produced by EjderGubre have met the determined quality standards and the necessary tests have been carried out with high precision. Finally, certificates were issued regarding the compliance of the products with quality standards.

Miscellaneous product basket

By examining the products page, you can find different types of plant hormones, NPK fertilizers, Liquid fertilizers, Powder fertilizers, etc. You can see that production is one of the other advantages of EjderGubre.

How to analyze EjderGubre fertilizers?

When you visit the products page, you will see that there is quality product analysis.
The use of quality raw materials and nutritious ingredients is another advantage of our products.

Product Types EjderGubre

Considering that EjderGubre Holding is a product manufacturer and exporter, two basic principles have always been at the forefront in its work since the day it started operations; One is compliance with environmental standards, and the other is studies to reduce the entry of chemicals into the soil.

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powdered fertilizers

NPK fertilizers

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Buy Guaranteed EjderGubre 

Get the best fertilizer and poison products for your farm by using EjderGubre brand products. We offer you quality and effective products so that you can get the best performance from your farm. Fill out the order form now and experience the advantages of using EjderGübre products!

Our best selling products

The use of Ejder Gubre can increase the productivity of agricultural products. This increase in performance may result in an increase in the number of products, an increase in weight, or an increase in the quality of the products.

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